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Handgineer: positive development of children

Crafting is a great way to be with kids while also helping them be creative. Plus, it not only teaches kids something new, but also allows them to refine their interests. Engineering projects, on the other hand, are often very complex and difficult, so you need certain skills and knowledge to do them. But it […]

From the enthusiasm for Lego Technic to the GoKart kit

When I got my first Lego Technic kit as a child, I was immediately thrilled. The many small parts and the possibility to build really cool things with them – that fascinated me. Here you can read all about my enthusiasm for Lego Technic and how we implemented this idea with our Kiks-eRacer K1 GoKart. […]

Kiks-eRacer K1: Construction kit for your own hybrid GoKart

Easy to build and ultimate go-kart driving fun – that’s what the Kiks-eRacer K1 kit combines. The first construction kit for a pedal-electric hybrid go-kart is here! Whether children or teenagers, with the Kiks-eRacer K1 everyone can build their own hybrid GoKart and take off with it. The hybrid GoKart is the absolute insane! The […]