• Kiks-Racer200 Ausflug ins Grüne

The Kiks-Racing Concept

We are a young startup from Hamburg and develop hybrid GoKarts for children from about 8-14 years and want to introduce you in the following the Kiks-Racing concept.

The best rated hybrid GoKart

Kiks-Racing is a startup that was founded in April 2020 in Hamburg. The idea was born from the enthusiasm for hybrid karts and the motivation to develop a vehicle that offers both driving fun and an environmentally friendly mobility alternative for children.

Therefore, we focus on the development of a kit that allows children to build their own hyprid go-kart. This kit is available to order through our online store and will begin shipping in September 2020. We are already excited and anticipating your feedback for our product. In our opinion, our hybrid kart offers a unique driving fun.

The Kiks-Racing Concept = Fahrspass at its best

The team of Kiks-Racing is composed of an engineer with many years of experience in the construction of hybrid GoKarts and specialists in design and creation. The working atmosphere is very good and all employees are motivated to bring in new ideas and to develop the company together.

Our goal is to offer children an environmentally friendly mobility alternative while making driving fun. We firmly believe that our hybrid GoKarts can do just that and are already looking forward to the first test drivers.

Specially designed for a legendary driving experience

With their low center of gravity, powerful high-torque engine and high-precision steering originally installed in real quads, the Kiks racers simply have everything to maximize the driving experience.

Kiks-Racer200 die Dämpfer
Kiks-Racer200 Ausflug ins Grüne

Focus on quality & safety

All components are of the highest quality and precisely matched to each other. In addition, each Kiks-Racer comes with 4x high-quality disc brakes for a controlled and safe riding experience in all weather conditions. The disc brakes are durable and extremely low maintenance.

7-speed Shimano gears

With the special gear and its independent suspension with front suspension, even mountains, hills, hiking trails and off-road terrain can be mastered playfully and without much effort.

Kiks-Racer200 die Gangschaltung
Kiks-eRacer K1 picture front left

Eye catching lighting

All Kiks racers are equipped with safely installed and durable lighting elements that make his or her racer unmissable and also provide a great effect.

Strong aluminum lightweight construction

The material of the Racer is mainly made of sturdy and durable aluminum, which provides both the coolest possible riding experience, as well as durable driving fun.

The additional loading ramp on the Kiks-Racer makes it easy to carry luggage, sports equipment, nerve food and Co. – In addition, we have designed the loading ramp so that it could be equipped with high-quality protective pads, which provide additional protection for the young driver / riders.

Kiks-Racing workshop
Kiks-Racing Blick auf die Akku-Halterung

Powerful and reliable 250W motor

The reliable 250 watt electric motor (36V) with high torque and its 5 support levels provides maximum thrust – even for off-road and mountain routes – In addition, the Kiks-Racer can also be driven effortlessly with the motor switched off or empty battery, if the extra power is not needed times.

The motor can be easily adjusted by the adult to different strengths, so that supports between 6 and 15 mp / h are enabled

Team spirit connects

Get your Kiks! The own Kiks-Racer is a special experience for all young racers and the parents or caregivers who realize this project together with them.

Nothing is as priceless as the glow in the eyes of a young racer who gets to build and try out their own Kiks-Racer together for the first time. Console games, days on the sofa and listlessness are a thing of the past with the Kiks-Racer.

Kiks-Racer200 auf der Fahrt

Strengthen sense of responsibility

Our hybrid GoKarts are not only the ultimate toy for children. While building the eRacer, your child develops an awareness and understanding of the small details without which a vehicle would not function. It also teaches them to care about the maintenance and upkeep of their own vehicle.

We hope the Kiks-Racing concept appeals to you and welcome you to our shop