Handgineer: positive development of children

Crafting is a great way to be with kids while also helping them be creative. Plus, it not only teaches kids something new, but also allows them to refine their interests.

Engineering projects, on the other hand, are often very complex and difficult, so you need certain skills and knowledge to do them. But it is this challenge that makes the work so exciting. It is a way to strengthen the positive development of children.

Craft and engineering – strengthening cognitive development

Crafts and engineering have always been important areas of the economy. They will continue to play an important role in the future. Nevertheless, they also pose challenges for children’s development. Especially with regard to education and training.

Both areas have developed greatly in recent years. For example, there are now many different professions and specialties, each with their own requirements. This makes it more difficult for children to decide on a particular profession. In addition, it is often no longer possible to learn the profession of the father or mother. This is because many trades are now practiced by specialists who have specialized in a particular field.

However, engineering also offers challenges and opportunities for children’s development. For example, children can come into contact with the subject of technology at an early age and thus broaden and deepen their sphere of interest. In addition, engineering offers much sustainable opportunities to continue its intellectual development process.

At Kiks-Racing, we want to promote both areas, which is why we refer to it as hand-engineering.

What skills are fostered in the pursuit of hand engineering?

Handicrafts offer a wide range of opportunities to develop children’s motor, cognitive and social skills. Engaging in craft activities promotes fine motor skills, the ability to concentrate, and spatial awareness. In addition, handling tools and materials also trains perception and problem-solving skills.

Motor skills are promoted in handicrafts, especially through fine motor skills. The children learn to work precisely and carefully in order to achieve the best possible result. This skill is necessary, for example, to drill a hole in a board or hammer a nail into a wall.

Handicrafts also train the ability to concentrate and spatial awareness. The children learn to concentrate on a task and carry it through to the end. In the process, they often have to implement complex steps precisely, which strengthens their spatial imagination.

Perception is also trained when working with tools and materials. The children learn to pay attention to details and to orient themselves precisely. They often have to use different tools and deal with the different properties of the materials. This not only promotes their perception, but also their problem-solving skills.

How can I get my child interested in craft topics?

It is important that parents introduce their children to the world of crafts from an early age. After all, crafts are exciting, creative and offer a lot of variety. With a little imagination and skill, children can learn and achieve a lot in this field.

But how can parents introduce their children to crafts? A good way is to do handicrafts or repairs together with the child. In this way, the child learns about the different tools and gets an insight into the various work steps. Visits to workshops or trade fairs are also exciting activities for children, where they can see and learn a lot of new things.

Parents should also always tell their children what great things you can create or repair with your own hands. In this way, children develop an interest in the subject and may want to become a hand engineer themselves at some point.


What a great thing to get your child excited about craft careers! Not only will this help him expand his skills and knowledge, but it will also give him the opportunity to exercise his creativity. In the process, he will learn to overcome challenges and develop himself. All this will help him to lay the foundation for a sound knowledge.

At Kiks-Racing, we support children with our technical kits – for which they will be rewarded in the end. Check out the idea of Kiks-Racing in our themed area and stop by our store.

We can hardly wait.

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